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Hi Rukky, thanks for joining us today. We’d love for you to start by introducing yourself.

Absolutely, I appreciate this opportunity to be interviewed by one of the best Magazines in Minnesota. My name is “Rukky Okrakene”, the Director of Operations TRUTOUCH Cleaning Services LLC, which I’ve built hand in hand with my amazing husband, “Tivere Okrakene”, who isn’t only my business partner but also the most adorable man in the world. Together we’re so blessed with our two precious boys “Otega Okrakene” and “Ogheneyoma Okrakene”, Ages 3 and 2. We embarked on this entrepreneurial journey, fueled by determination, passion, and a touch of divine serendipity, juggling our roles as parents, employees, and business owners.

My journey isn’t one of sheer coincidence but more of a desire to contribute to our community and grow an impactful business. Also, a bit of influence from my mother’s love for a neat environment. With a passion for photography and a technical prowess rooted in computer science, I’ve always been intrigued by graphical representation and systematic and logical explorations. My husband compliments my expertise with his extensive background in the medical field, touching lives as a registered nurse and running his assisted living facility here in the heart of Minnesota. Our combined experiences form a mosaic of skills, shaping our business ethos and approach.

The name of our enterprise, “TRUTOUCH,” is a creative amalgamation representing our identities; “TRU” intertwines the initials of our first names, while “touch” signifies the personal and professional imprint we leave, standing as a beacon of our unity and shared vision.

As the Director of Operations, I leveraged our local connections, forming partnerships with other professional cleaning businesses. This collaboration not only enhanced our service quality but also helped us serve our clients more efficiently.

Our journey, an ongoing saga, speaks volumes about steadfastness, resilience, and the metamorphic influence of faith. We’ve come to realize that each challenge, rejection, and obstacle isn’t a roadblock but rather a guiding light, ushering us along a clearer, more defined pathway toward realizing our vision of a brighter, cleaner future.

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